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1948 to 1954
Boxers were first introduced into Victoria in approximately 1948. The first boxers were imported by Mr.H.Wheatland of Tinarra Kennels.   Boxers were first exhibited at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1948, under Judge Mr. J.W.Marples of England. The three entrants were imports, Tirkane Tony,Tirkane Daybreak and Tirkane Jewel, the certificates going to Tony and Jewel. Over the next few years more dogs were imported, with Mr.Wheatland importing 17 in all, the first thought to be Tirkane Rusty Gate. There have been many dogs and bitches imported since 1948, with importations from England, U.S.A. and the Continent, the breed kept on improving and making a name for the Boxer.

In 1951 interest in the breed continued to grow with the results of earlier successful matings providing enthusiasts with an increasing number of good quality Boxers to show.

It was in 1952 that Boxer enthusiasts met to form a Club that was to become the Boxer Association of Victoria.  The infant association was affiliated with the Kennel Control Council (now known as Dogs Victoria Inc.) in 1953 and had a membership of 31.  The first Annual General Meeting was held in 1954.

The driving force in the formation of the Association was Mr. and Mrs. H. Taylor.  Their first imported Boxer was Gremlin Sundago - the first Boxer to become a K.C.C. Champion (now known as DOGS VICTORIA Inc ) he was to become the leading stud dog of the period.  Photographs show him as a red fawn dog with a black face.   Another of their imports Gremlin Snowboots was to be the second.

In 1952 the boxer really arrived as a breed to be reckoned with when a Boxer took out Best Dog in Show at the Melbourne Royal Agricultural Show.  This dog was to stamp his image firmly on the Boxers of this state competing with Ch. Gremlin Sundago as the top stud dog of the period.  He was Panfield Zest (see photo on Photo Album page) - imported by Mr.H.E.Taylor. He was described by the Judge as "A dog of merit, probably the best I have ever seen - shown to perfection - hard to fault.  I had no hesitation in making him Best in Show."

In 1953, continued interest and growth in Boxer ownership again doubled the RAS entry from the previous year. There were the familar prefix names of Brackley, Tinarra and Inverary paying tribute to the diligence of the early Boxer Breeders and their breeding programes.

New imported Boxers had continued to improve and strengthen the blood lines already in Australia.  Some of this years imports into Australia were Aust.Ch.Eickhoff Geelonger, Ardenoak Parade and Ike of Judkar.

1954 consolidated the Boxer as a major breed in Victoria.  Establishing the breed in under seven years was a tribute indeed to those pioneer Boxer lovers who gave us such a good start to our breed.

An announcement in the K.C.C.Journal of March 1954 sought to interest Boxer owners in the new Association.   It read -

"Boxer fanciers will be pleased to note that this new Association has been formed to cater for their interests. An energetic committee has been elected and plans are well in hand to arrange a series of lectures and talks to interest both breeders and owners of this popular breed."

The constitution of the Association was revised and accepted by the K.C.C. in July 1954. By the end of 1954 twenty-eight Boxers had made the title of Australian Champion (see Champiobns page for details). 
The first Boxer Parade was held in April, 1955 and the first Boxer Championship Show was in July, 1955 the judge being Mr.W.A.Wheatland drawing a record entry, for that period, of 63 Boxers.  The winning Bitch and Exhibit was CH. Karina of Kuttaghar and the winning dog CH. Panfield Zest.

Since that time a Boxer Championship Show and an Open Show have been held every year.

1954 to the present day
The first Boxer dog to obtain the Obedience title of Companion dog (C.D.) in Victoria was trained by Mr.E.Paxman of Southern Obedience Club in 1960.  The Boxer was an 18 month old dog - Rheinsucht Challenge.  Later he was to achieve the title of Companion dog Excellant (C.D.X.)  This effort is said to be the result of a bet that Boxer dogs could not be trained .  The next dog to make title was Marlow Pink Snow handled by Mrs. V. Jorgenson.  Boxer obedience came into being in 1976 .  It was as a result of the concern that Boxers were becoming unruly, that Mrs. McCarthy, who was judging a members competition for the B.A.O.V. and who was known to be involved with obedience training, was approached and invited to discuss this topic with the members present.  She gathered a number of the dogs and handlers together and gave them what is basically the class one training.  She was regretfully unable to continue with the group on a regular basis due to her other commitments.

However another B.A.O.V. member Mrs. Pauline Wilson is reported to have been involved in the early development of the Obedience section, due to these two womens efforts a Mr.Davis was approached and he conducted classes for a number of weeks.  Again prior commitments prevented him from continuing but he was able to arrange instructors from other mixed breed clubs  to assist in providing the B.A.O.V. with a succession of instructors.  Mr. David Shepard was one of these who helped the fledgling section to develop.  It was due to his interest that he was able to encourage Mr. Frank Huckstepp and Mrs. E. Scott to commence a training course for Obedience Instructors.  Mr.Huckstepp on successfully completing this course became the clubs first permanent instructor.  It was due to his interest, enthusiasm and dedication to the breed that this section has grown and prospered.

Obedience was first taught at the Boxhill Shopping Plaza and the charge was 60 cents.  If the lights failed, the enthusiastic handlers were able to continue the class by the light provided from their car headlights.   Later that year Frank was joined by Raelene Eldridge, Dianne Jackson, and Eric Worth.  Jeff Cox joined them the following   Their understanding of Boxer behaviour was evident when 3 more boxers obtained their C.D. Titles in September.

During the same year an Obedience Demonstration team was formed which performed at the Boxer Championship Show and Parade of 1978.    Team members were Dianne Jackson, Dianne Carter, Wilva Biddick, Eric Worth, Beth Koce, Pam Thomas, Pauline Wilson, Raeline Eldridge, John Gerada, Tom Atherton and of course their Boxers.

The first 6 months of 1978 saw two more Boxers competing for their C.D. Title and three other Boxers completing their tracking course.  Another Boxer from an all Breeds Club achieved C.D.X.

It was thanks to the representation from Mrs. Judy Horton, (Intrends) that the Richmond Councillors granted permission for the use of Bastow Oval at Richmond, after the Health Department decided that the Shopping Plaza was an unsuitable venue for dog training.  When this venue was denied the Club in 1985, it was with sadness that the Club sought another ground.  The Club was fortunate to enlist the services of two members who made an exhaustive search of the area, and thanks to the effective representation made by Mr. Guy Dunkley (Megdun)  and Mr.David Meath, Camberwell Council granted the Boxer Association a lease for Hartwell Reserve.  At this time we had 15 to 20 Boxers in training each week.

Training at Hartwell commenced in April 1986 with our behaviour and care of our dogs avidly scutinised by local residents.  The use of the club-rooms has proved a success in providing shelter for the families of the handlers and instructors.  At the first National Boxer Championship Show, the entry of 36 in obedience classes was indicative of the hard work put in by all to prepare the Boxers to the necessary standard to compete.

Obedience section of the Boxer Association of Victoria was conducted at the DOROTHY LAVER RESERVE in GLEN IRIS until 2010 and was discontinued due to lack of trainers.

Over the years and to the present day many Victorian Boxer Breeders have made a name for themselves and will be written into the history books of the Australian Boxer, by the success of their dogs.

In 1988 The Boxer Association of Victoria hosted the first National Boxer Specialty, with a record entry of 308 the judge appointed was Mrs. June Grover of Ackendene Boxers (U.K.)and the winner was Ch.Belmanta Thief of Hearts with Ch. Gumbrae Duet runner-up.   The National Speciality Show is hosted by a differant State every two years.  It was hosted again by the Association in 2000, the judge appointed was Mrs. Karin Rezewski of Germany and the winner was Ch. Luzac How do you Plead with Kirkgate Gold Leaf  runner up.

On the 1st January,1998 the new title of Grand Champion was introduced by the A.N.K.C. being granted to Champions who had attained over 1,000 Challenge Points.  To attain this Grand Champion title,  the Champion must obtain a further Challenge after the 1/1/1998 no matter how many points they had previously won.  The first Champion to attain this at the New Years Day Show in Victoria was Grand Champion Taratan Summer Rain  he was not only the first in Victoria but the first in Australia, many more have followed. 

Over the years the Boxer Association has been involved with educating the public on the virtues of this wonderful breed, relying upon the volunteers on the committee who have given their time, so that the Association will remain for many years to come.

The Boxer Association of Victoria run a web-based Rescue Service and details can be found on our Help and Advice page. To date this has been very succesful with many unwanted or abandoned dogs finding new loving homes. Apart from Rescue we also advertise Lost and Found Boxers on this page.

People looking for a Boxer puppy can now find information on our Puppy Buyers Guide page and a list of breeders on our Breeders page

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